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Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having an old fashioned home, like the ones I saw in movies set in the south. When I closed my eyes and imagined what it would look like, I always saw a wrap around porch with vintage wicker furniture. As I began to design this collection I imagined myself on that Veranda and all the beautiful things that would surround me. I dreamed of sitting on a pretty porch swing. As I relaxed, I could smell fresh cut grass while I sipped on an icy mint julep. There were fresh picked berries on the table and an old fashioned fan created a gentle breeze. A porcelain vase on the table held blooming roses. I would spend hours on that porch watching my children run freely in the yard as they laughed and played. 


True I am a romantic at heart, my work is influenced by my need to be surrounded by this nostalgic beauty. The colors represent all the lovely things on my imaginary Veranda. The vintage inspired prints are both romantic and timeless. It is perfect for big billowy pillows, playful picnic quilts, frilly aprons and so much more. The laminates in the collection will be wonderful for outdoor cushions, table cloths & gardening totes. 

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