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Fruta y Flor


I have always been fascinated by vintage botanical fruit prints. I came upon a marvelous collection of them on a recent antiquing trip. As I began to study them I realized I was most drawn to the pieces that had fruit and flowers in combination. The colors were delicious, I was immediately inspired. 


As I took to my sketchbook I began to draw a wonderful group of vases filled with roses and swags of different fruits. I loved the juxtaposition of the fruits and flowers together. This then led to designing my newest fabric collection Fruta y Flor


I let the images inspire the color palette and chose various shades of reds, pinks and greens. The prints began to take on a wonderful retro kitchen vibe so adding aqua, jade and yellow was the perfect fit. Fruta y Flor is fresh and playful. It’s wonderful rose and fruit prints work beautifully with a petite gingham check and sugary dot. This charming collection is perfect for quilts, children’s wear and sewn home décor projects.  

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