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  • Do you sell fabric kits?
    While we have sold kits in the past, we currently do not market any at this time. You can send us a private e-mail regarding the kit you are interested in as sometimes we are aware of quilts stores or online retailers that carry kits for our patterns.
  • Do you sell your block of the month patterns a month at a time?
    We only sell our block of the month patterns as one complete set. If you are interested in doing one of our block of the months as a monthly program please send us a private e-mail. If we know of any shops or online retailers marketing them at the time of your inquiry we are happy to point you in their direction.
  • How often do you offer workshops?
    We offer 3 workshops a year. Currently there is a spring, summer and fall workshop. Each has a different theme every year. They are held in Alamo, California.
  • Do you offer trunkshows?
    Yes, we are happy to arrange a private trunk show for your quilt store. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you.
  • I've lost a piece of my pattern do I have to purchase a new one?
    We realize that folks often travel with their patterns and pieces can get misplaced. Should you lose a page please contact us for a replacement. We keep partial patterns for just this reason and we are happy to replace the missing page for you.
  • I'm looking for one of Verna's older fabrics can you help me locate it?
    Often times collections are older and do become difficult to find with time. That said occasionally we know someone who may still have older collections. Please reach out via e-mail, we are happy to help if we can.
  • I'm looking for one of Verna's older patterns but dont see it listed on your website. Can I still get a copy?
    Some of our older patterns have been retired. That said occasionally we pull them out of the vault and offer them for our workshops. At times we have a few copies here in the studio. Please inquire via e-mail and we are happy to sell you one if we have it available
  • Does Verna still design fabric?
    Verna currently does not design fabric. She is focusing on other creative endeavors. She does not rule out returning to it someday in the future.
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