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One of the things I love about being an artist is that inspiration comes from everywhere and I never know when it will spark. I was vending at a Southern California show and realized that my neighbor was one of my favorite booths that sold vintage buttons, ribbons and trim. Knowing it would be a danger zone for me I resisted the urge to step next door until the final hours of the show.


It wasn't minutes into my visit to the booth that I went from being a vendor to being an artist. One bit of trim led me to a wonderful button, to a gorgeous piece of delicate lace. As I collected the bits I ran next door and asked my assistant for a cellophane bag to put my collected treasures in. As the color palette grew it reminded me of a painting I had seen years ago on a visit to Paris called Ballerina Dancers In Pink by Edgar Degas.


The wonderful taupes, pinks and ivories were just stunning together. I had such a wonderful time gathering the vintage treasures. When I went home I pulled the image of the painting up on my computer. I was amazed to see the colors in my bag were spot on the colors in the Ballerina Dancers in Pink. Stunned that I could remember the beauty of the colors in the painting I knew this would be the start of my next romantic vintage inspired quilt fabric collection, Pirouette.

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