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Kiss Goodbye


In my latin heritage we always greet people with a kiss hello and bid farewell with a Kiss Goodbye. Most recently I gave someone a Kiss Goodbye a bit sooner than my heart was ready to. As an artist my work is very personal, it always has been. It has celebrated joys and helped me through the toughest of times. In 2017 my mom Vicky passed away. It was very sudden, unexpected, sad and overwhelming. She had been my one constant all of my life, my best friend and confidant.

With her passing I can truly say I lost my biggest fan. She was the first to recognize my artistic gifts. As a child she gave up her time and took me to art classes with a private tutor for years. One summer she signed me up for my very first sewing class at the age of 9. She taught me how to embroider. She gave me my first palette of paints and my very first sewing machine. Even in those early years she always encouraged my artistic endeavors. She saw in me what I had not yet seen in myself. When I started my business there was not a quilt she did not like or a fabric collection she did not find beautiful. It seemed only fitting that with her so deeply on my mind this collection would be dedicated to her and her wonderful legacy.

Her favorite quilt that I designed was Amelia’s Rose Garden, an appliqué quilt covered in various roses I dedicated to my grandmother. I decided my mom should have her own rose garden and as such I drew inspiration for the the Kiss Goodbye prints. The primary print Cottage Rose with it’s stand alone rose represents her beauty and her strength. The other assorted rose prints are the supporting cast. I’ve also included Delightful Dot because there was not a polka dot she did not love.

The night she passed had been the first in which it had not rained in weeks. The morning dawn brought a sky the most glorious shades of pink. A friend said to me it was her welcome into heaven and a gift for me since pink is my favorite color. In those early days as I began to grieve her loss a dear friend sent me a candle the most beautiful shade of turquoise. The color symbolized strength. I lit the candle each morning as I fondly remembered my mom. I’ve also included her favorite color yellow and the most peaceful and serene shade of linen white.

I wanted the colors and prints to be cheerful and inspire folks to make something lovely. My mom was the most beautiful person and such a blessing in my life. As hard as it was to let her go my heart was so full in knowing how very lucky I had been to have her as my mother. 

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