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Billet-Doux is French for love letters. I can't imagine anything more romantic than putting what is in ones heart in the form of a letter. Often times what can't be said face to face can come quite easily in the written word. When pen is set to paper the words flow, almost as if the writer were a poet writing a sonnet to his first love. There in pen and ink the words hold true forever.


One day while shopping an open market in Montevideo, Uruguay I came upon a vendor with a few vintage items. I fell in love with and purchased a small booklet with a message inside. When I took it home I came to realize the written words were a love letter a man had written to his one true love. I have kept it ever since as I am a true romantic and knew that I would treasure the message even though it was meant for someone else. I've often wondered if it was ever read by its intended recipient.


Inspired by this lovely booklet, this collection is full of romance and timeless elegance. Bouquets of roses, dainty dots and delicate stripes coordinate beautifully in a color palette of rose pinks, berry wines, pearl whites, emerald greens and smoky greys. It is beautifully suited for quilting, children's clothing and items for the home. 

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